We suggest you send the invitation in a “photo mailer”.  A bubble pack alone will not protect the invitation so put the invitation
between 2 pieces of cardboard. The USPS has a “ready post” photo document mailer that works well.

Your Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: _______________

Phone: _________________________  Email: _________________________________________________________________

Are we shipping this to another address?  If yes, Please fill out the information below:

Recipient: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: _______________
If we are sending your gift to the recipient, please enclose a gift card with this form. We will enclose it with the mirror!

Please choose the following:
If you would like us to design the mirror, please write in “you choose”)

Color of Outer Mat: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Color of Inner Mat: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Color of Frame: ______________________________________________________________________Frame Style Number: ____________________

Please tell us how you found us? _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Once we receive your order, we will email you with our suggestions and comments.

Please indicate:              _______ Pay Pal Payment made                _______ Check Enclosed (payable to Denise M. Stanley)
NOTE: You don't have to be a PAYPAL member to use your credit card.
Cost of the mirror is $130.00 and shipping is $25.00 (total of $155.00)
Please include the sales tax of 6.25% for a total of $163.13 ($130.00 + $8.13 tax + $25.00 shipping)
Please print this form and mail it with your invitation.
Wedding Invitation Mirrors
by Denise MacDonald Stanley